Window Blocking

Lasermet’s window blocking products and laser guards  enclose laser working area preventing the escape of laser radiation and conform to BS EN IEC 60825-4-Safety of laser products.

  • Glaser Castle Window

    Passive Laser Safety Window

    Glaser Castle Window enables a person to see inside a laser enclosure while being protected from laser radiation and provides protection with minimum inconvenience.

  • Glaser Jailer

    Active Laser Safety Window

    The Glaser Jailer by Lasermet is a fail-safe safety system that enables high powered lasers to be switched off virtually immediately if the laser beam inadvertently strikes the window. It is suitable for all laser powers, wavelengths, and waveforms. The Glaser Jailer system isolates the laser safety input within 50ms of an inadvertent laser window strike, rendering the laser safe.

    • Interlock® safety
    • Suitable for Class 1 Laser Enclosures
    • Certified to BS EN IEC 60825-4
  • Laser Blocking Roller Blinds

    Protection from Stray Laser Radiation

    Lasermet’s laser blocking roller blinds are designed as a passive guarding system to block laser light from escaping the theatre, laboratory or laser facility where Class 3B or Class 4 lasers are in use, either to protect against accidental exposure to the laser beam or for long term blocking of laser radiation at lower power densities.

  • Laser Filter Windows

    Laser Safety Viewing Windows

    Laser viewing windows enable you to see inside an enclosure while stopping the laser radiation from coming out, thus providing protection with the minimum of inconvenience.

    These viewing windows are available for a wide variety of different types of lasers and can be made of either plastic or mineral glass.

  • Orca Laser Safety Window Blocks

    Certified Laser Safety Window Blocks for Class 3B and Class 4 lasers

    Lasermet’s laser safety window blocks are passive guard designed to cover a window or enclose an area where Class 3B and Class 4 lasers are in use either to protect against accidental exposure to the laser beam or for long term blocking of laser radiation at low power densities.

  • Slatted Window Blinds

    Laser Blocking and X-ray proof Hospital Windows

    Lasermet’s laser blocking slatted window blinds are ideal for use in operating theatres and are effective in blocking all medical lasers. There is also an option for X-ray proof vision panels.

    • Tested to IEC 60825-4 Safety of Laser Products, Part 4: Laser Guards
    • Standard or flush-fit versions available