Since April 2010, the CQC’s function has been to monitor all healthcare providers regardless of what techniques or technologies they use to treat patients. What this means is that you do not need to submit an application to the CQC in order to use your laser. However, the CQC will insist that you take into account safety advice and guidelines from an MHRA document called “Lasers, Intense Light Sources and LEDs in medical, surgical, dental and aesthetic practices. This document covers manufacturing requirements, laser safety training, PPE (personal protective equipment) and the need for safety advice from certificated laser safety advisers (otherwise known as LPAs).

If you do not comply with this document you fall below the level of care expected from the CQC’s Fundamental Standard relating to Premises and Equipment.


Examples of some of the requirements laser users need are:

  • Access to safety advice from a certificated LPA
  • Local Rules written by an LPA
  • A Risk Assessment provided by an LPA on the laser treatment room (otherwise known as the laser controlled area)
  • Appropriate warning signs
  • A log of each time the laser is used
  • A person on-site in charge of laser safety on a day to day basis (known as a Laser Protection Supervisor)

Lasermet’s LPA Support Package

Helping you to meet Regulation 15, Premises and Equipment

Our Laser Safety Service is designed to meet the requirements of the MHRA document and will give you evidence to show compliance with Regulation 15 of the Health and Social Care Act.

We provide you with:

  • An annual site inspection and audit by a certificated LPA
  • Local Rules
  • A Risk Assessment and Action Plan for the premises
  • Provision of a Laser Safety Policy
  • Templates covering preventative maintenance plans and laser training
  • All of the above in an easy to use Laser Safety Folder which includes the MHRA Guidance Document

Plus, ongoing email and telephone support from our LPA team throughout the duration of the contract.

For more information, please call 01202 770740.