Optical Radiation Safety ServicesIt is expected that our services will include:

  • Classification of products emitting non-laser optical radiation
  • Undertaking workplace risk assessments (including calculations and/or measurements) on behalf of employers and providing advice on how to ensure that the ELV’s are not exceeded
  • Training in non-laser optical radiation safety
  • Supply of a range of products related to non-laser optical radiation safety

Under Health and Safety at Work legislation, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) expect risk assessments to have been carried out by users of potentially hazardous sources of optical radiation and measures put in place to ensure that staff are not exposed to radiation in excess of the Exposure Limit Values (ELV’s) set by the Health Protection Agency and the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).

In the future, the recently-published European Physical Agent Directive on Artificial Optical Radiation requires that the UK must introduce new specific legislation covering laser and optical radiation safety by April 2010.  This will place a statutory requirement on employers to be able to prove through their risk assessment that employees are not being exposed to levels of artificial optical radiation in excess of the ELV. In many cases, this is likely to require complex calculations and/or measurements. There is also a requirement for employees to receive training in optical radiation safety.

Lasermet have been specialists in laser safety services since 1987 and are closely involved with the standards bodies that will produce the guidance to underpin the new legislation. We are now developing a service for manufacturers and users of sources of non-laser optical radiation of all kinds. Our aim is to enable you to deal with all your optical radiation safety requirements as quickly and easily as possible so that your staff can concentrate on their jobs in the knowledge that all the proper safety procedures are in place.

In order to ensure that our services will match the needs of our clients, we would appreciate information from users of non-laser optical radiation as to their anticipated future requirements and would be grateful if you would complete and return the form on the last page of the brochure

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