Table of Laser ClassesLasers and LEDs according to EN 60825-1 and IEC 60825-1

Below is a table showing the meaning of the different Classes of Lasers and LEDs according to the current version of EN 60825-1 and IEC 60825-1. A more detailed description is available by going to An Overview of the Laser Classification System.

Class 1Safe.
Class 1MSafe provided optical instruments are not used.
Class 2Visible lasers. Safe for accidental exposure (< 0.25 s).
Class 2MVisible lasers. Safe for accidental exposure (< 0.25 s) providing optical instruments* are not used.
Class 3RNot safe. Low risk.
Class 3BHazardous. Viewing of diffuse reflection** is safe.
Class 4Hazardous. Viewing of diffuse reflection is also hazardous. Fire risk.

*Optical instruments – binoculars, telescopes, microscopes, magnifying glasses (but not prescription glasses).

**Diffuse reflection – the reflection of radiation from a matt surface such as a wall.

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