Many aesthetic clinics using lasers and IPLs have not sought help from certificated advisors to assess whether the treatments they carry out are done so in a safe and controlled environment.

Ensure your business stands out as a beacon of excellence by putting the safety of your patients in the capable hands of our skilled and competent LPA and EMP support team.

Laser and IPL Clinics in London (and areas that require a Special Treatment License for Laser and IPL treatments)


If you are offering IPL and laser treatments for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, thread vein or tattoo removal you may need a Special Treatment Licence from your Local Authority before you are able to use your equipment. In order to grant the licence, your Council (usually the Environmental Health department) may ask you to follow a set of standards that will ensure that the treatments you undertake are done in a safe and controlled way. This includes employing the services of an LPA (a Laser Protection Advisor) and an EMP (Expert Medical Practitioner).


Lasermet can help you to fulfil the standards required by your Local Authority and supply you with the evidence needed to support your application for a Special Treatment License.

We provide:

  • Access to safety advice from a certificated LPA
  • Local Rules written by an LPA
  • A Risk Assessment provided by an LPA on the laser treatment room (otherwise known as the laser controlled area)
  • Medical Protocols for the treatments you undertake that have been written by our EMP
  • Access to advice from our EMP on client medical histories and contraindications
  • A comprehensive set of policies and procedures to help establish safe systems of work for your business

For more information on LPA Support for Clinics requiring a Special Treatment License, please call 01202 770740.

Outside of London, licensing schemes for laser and IPL Clinics vary. Contact our Team today on 01202 770740 to see how we can help your business establish itself as a centre of excellence in Laser and IPL safety.