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Lasermet’s experience and expertise in laser safety is unparalleled in the UK and beyond, and our services for advice, training, laser system classification, risk assessment and FDA registration, are sought after by an increasing number of companies spanning the entire spectrum of laser applications, from virtual reality LED systems, through rangefinders, telecommunications, medical and laser displays, to high power cutting lasers. The company employs two of the world’s acknowledged leading experts in laser safety.

Lasermet was founded in 1987 by Bryan Tozer, chairman of the BSI and European laser safety standards committees, and for 20 years head of laser safety in the UK electricity industry. In 1992 the company was joined by David Wells, the UK delegate to the international medical laser safety committee and for 20 years the head of laser safety at the DoH. Paul Tozer, safety officer to the Entertainment Laser Association joined the company in 1994.

Laser Safety Engineers

Lasermet have been established as laser safety engineers since the company was incorporated in 1987. Protecting people from the dangers of laser radiation is the essence of Lasermet. The company has grown significantly and now operates worldwide promoting the safety requirements which are now established in the range of Laser Safety Standards BS EN IEC 60825.

Key Personnel

  • Paul Tozer LPA - medical and non-medical General laser safety

    Paul has been Managing Director of Lasermet since 2006, having previously worked at Lasermet as Sales Director. He has worked in the field of laser safety since 1994 and has extensive experience in providing laser safety consultancy and advice to the industrial, research, medical and cosmetic fields. In particular he has detailed knowledge of MPE & AEL calculations, EN 207 & eyewear specifications and the design of interlocking systems to meet SIL levels as defined by EN 61508. Qualifying from Bristol University with a BSc (Hons) in Physics, Paul is a Laser Protection Adviser accredited by the Association of Laser Safety Professionals.

  • Carolyn Blewett CQC, RQIA and HIW registration LPA to cosmetic, aesthetic and dental users of laser and IPL systems

    Carolyn is LPA and Registration Service Manager covering virtually all aspects of CQC, RQIA and HIW registration and managing the LPA service and staff in the UK. She has worked in this role since 2008 having previously worked in the pharmaceutical industry from 2001 to 2008 as Director of Client Services for a pharmaceutical market research agency. Her role as Client Service Manager for over 20 leading pharmaceutical companies and her work in data analysis for pharmaceutical market research in primary and secondary care has provided excellent experience for her current role at Lasermet.

  • Dr Anna Bass LPA to cosmetic, aesthetic and dental users of laser and IPL systems CQC, HIW and RQIA adviser

    Dr Anna Bass has been with the Lasermet team since 2007 covering the South and South East regions as the Certificated Laser Protection Adviser (LPA). She has a PhD from the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, an MSc from the University of Akron, Ohio and a BSc from the University of Portsmouth (UK). Her Post-Graduate Certificate of Education enables her to skilfully present Lasermet’s Core of Knowledge training courses, taking over the role from Professor Parsons. She is also a member of the British Medical Laser Association and holds an RPA-2000 Certificate of Competence to act as a Medical LPA.

  • Irfan Azam LPA to cosmetic, aesthetic and dental users of laser and IPL systems CQC, HIW and RQIA adviser

    Irfan has worked as the Lasermet LPA covering the Midlands, North West, and North East of England, since 2008. As a Certified Laser Protection Adviser for cosmetic, aesthetic, dental and medical applications, Irfan is involved with CQC, HIW and RQIA registrations, including site audits.

    His degree and experience as Quality Manager in Cosmetic and Bariatric surgery has enabled him to work well with patients and surgeons in private clinics and hospitals, especially in areas of a highly complex and sensitive nature.

    Irfan has also been accredited the RPA-2000 Certificate of Competence as a Laser Protection Adviser.

  • Peter Fishdougal (previously Fishwick)

    Peter Fishdougal (previously known as Peter Fishwick) joined the Lasermet team in 2013 as the Technical Officer responsible for the UKAS accredited testing lab. His day-to-day role is the testing and classification of laser products for customers. He also performs Industrial Laser Safety Audits and acts as a Competent Person for various companies. He also deals with FDA/CDRH Registration reports.

    Pete started working with optics during his degree in Physics with Astronomy at Southampton University. In 2005 he moved on to hologram production for a research lab in Cambridge. It was in Cambridge that he became involved with laser safety by becoming a Laser Safety Officer. Through this he was introduced to Lasermet, designing laser enclosures for use in hologram production.

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