Interlock Systems

Lasermet Interlock controllers monitor and control the laser interlock system from interlock switches, emergency stops, shutters, and LED warning signs to meet safety requirements in accordance with ISO 13849-1 Performance Level ‘e’.

  • CaLM Control and Laser Monitoring System

    Monitor and Control Laser Safety status of numerous labs from one point 

    View all wavelengths in use on one screen

    The CaLM System features a large monitor that can view and control all aspects of the Laser Interlock System including:

    • Status of all Interlock Switches
    • Status of all E-Stops
    • Status of ICS-9 Interlock Controller
    • Status of all shutters and DBS
    • Wavelengths of accessible lasers
  • ICS Buddy Portable Interlock System

    The Interlock® Monitor and Control Tablet you can take anywhere

    The ICS Buddy is Lasermet’s portable Interlock Monitor and Controller that can be used to remotely view and control the status of laser interlock controllers and laser shutters in a lab. 

    • Provides portable control
    • Remotely view and control laser shutters 
    • See the status of the whole lab remotely in Lab View
    • Ideal for multiple interlocks, shutters and LED warning signs
  • ICS-6 ELISe Interlock® Controller

    The ICS-6 Laser Safety Interlock ® Controller features full start-to-end dual channel architecture and fault detection capabilities to meet all safety requirements for lasers. The ICS-6 can be integrated with the complete range of Lasermet’s Interlock equipment to create a full laser safety system.

    • 3 expansion card sockets 
    • Interlocked mains supply and low voltage supply for beam shutters 
    • Laser Interlock® connector operators for all lasers
    • Time limited fail-safe override option
  • ICS-7-OEM Interlock Controller

    An OEM version of ICS Interlock®

    Lasermet’s established and proven ICS Interlock® control system is available as an OEM version which is specifically designed for integrators to use as part of the laser control system.

    • Dual-channel safety
    • Ready to use with PLC controllers
    • Fail-safe reliability
    • Compatible with expansion modules
  • ICS-9 Interlock® Controller

    NRTL Certified Laser Interlock® Control System

    The ICS-9 Laser Interlock® Controller is the successor to the highly successful ICS-6, directly replacing it. 

    • Full start-to-end dual channel architecture and fault detection
    • Interlocked mains supply 
    • Interlocked low voltage supply for beam shutters 
    • Laser Interlock® connector operators for all lasers
    • Time limited fail-safe override option 
    • Automatic switching of illuminated signs indicating danger or safe modes
    • Emergency stop circuit to prevent injury or damage in an emergency
  • ICS-LLDC Light Lock Door Controller

    ICS-LLDC is an Interlock System for Sequential Operation of Light lock Doors which incorporates a multitude of advanced features, including:

    • Proximity Sensors to detect the presence of individuals near the doors.
    • Security Alarms to notify any unauthorized attempts in the system.
    • DIN Rail Mounting.
    • LED Indicators provides real-time status of doors.
  • ICS-SOLO Laser Interlock Controller

    Ideal for Hand-held Laser Welding Enclosures

    The ICS-SOLO is a low-cost, dual-channel laser safety interlock controller ideal for handheld laser welding enclosures. It is a single input, single output laser safety controller typically used in small laser safety enclosures with a single door and controlling a single laser. The ICS-SOLO is a dual channel device which means that there are two input switches that must both be closed for the laser to be enabled.

    This is achieved using Lasermet’s dual channel door interlock switch. ICS-SOLO has a simple, easy-to-use control panel which can be wired directly to the dual channel switch on the interlocked door and to the laser, keyswitch, emergency stops, and LED Warning Sign.

  • ICS-TOUCH Controller

    Interlock® Control System for Operating Theatres 


    The ICS-TOUCH provides touchscreen monitoring and control for operating theatres and X-ray machines. 


    • Easy-to-use touchscreen technology
    • Interlocked Doors, Roller Blinds and Emergency Stops
    • Flush-fit to wall or door
    • Full dual channel safety to ISO 13849-1 Performance Level ‘e’ (PL ‘e’) 
    • Secure Access Keypad Lock


  • MULEX for Multi-room Labs

    The MULEX Multi-room Expansion Card is intended to simplify the implementation and operation of interlock systems when combining multiple laser-controlled areas. MULEX advances in: 

    • Space Utilization
    • Room Security
    • Easy System Access
    • Can accommodate up to five LCA
  • Safety Logic Plus

    The simple way to build a complex Safety Interlock® System that uses no laser safety software

    The Safety Logic Plus uses simple logic to achieve a fully-safe and custom Interlock system for laser safety.

    • Virtually eliminates obsolescence
    • Easy to install, maintain, and understand
    • Logic changes can be implemented quickly
    • Cost effective
    • Fault finding made easy
    • Dual-channel cross checked system