Confused by local or regional requirements for operating laser or IPL equipment? Looking for helpful, practical and comprehensive advice?

Lasermet’s RPA2000-qualified team of Laser Protection Advisers (LPA) are here to work with you to ensure that safe systems of work are in place for you and your employees and laser safety standards are maintained.

With over 40 years of combined experience in England, Northern Ireland and Wales our LPA service enables you to effectively manage and keep on top of all laser-safety regulatory requirements from bodies such as the CQC, RQIA, HIW, HIS and local council licensing schemes.

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Non-Surgical Cosmetic Providers

Beauty Therapists / Aesthetic Practitioners (non-surgical) / Tattoo Removal Specialists

Regional differences apply:

Click for Northern Ireland.

Click for Wales.

Click for London Boroughs and England.

Registered Healthcare Professionals in England

Doctors, Nurses, and Dentists using lasers in CQC registered premises

Click for LPA support for CQC Registered Clinics – Meeting the Fundamental Standards.

UK Hospitals

UK Hospitals, Operating Theatres (neonatal, gynaecology, ENT, etc.) and eye departments

Does your hospital have access to a laser safety adviser who can provide you with technical guidance on the safe use of your laser equipment? Lasermet can provide a RPA2000 certified LPA who will provide a safe system of work for those working with laser and light-based equipment. Working in conjunction with your LPS (Laser Protection Supervisor), our LPA will conduct site assessments across all departments, risk assess each piece of equipment used and produce Local Rules. They will assess your eyewear and be on call for specialist advice on any laser safety issues that may arise.

Call 01202 770740 for more information on how we can help your hospital achieve and maintain compliance with laser safety standards. Our service also contributes to satisfying the requirements of the CQC’s Fundamental Standard relating to premises and equipment.

Guide for Industry and Research Establishments

If your organisation uses a laser, you are required to a have a competent person perform regular independent audits. The competent person will assist you in assessing appropriate laser safety eyewear, laser safety equipment and how to work safely.

Let Lasermet fulfil this role to ensure that:

  • Your company always employs the best possible laser safety practice
  • The HSE are satisfied that lasers are being used safely
  • Laser safety is smooth and hassle-free for you and all of your staff

Call 01202 770740 for more information on how we can help your business achieve and maintain compliance with laser safety standards.

Laser Safety Training

Covering all aspects of laser safety training, from Hazard Awareness and Core of Knowledge to advanced Laser Safety Training, why not contact our Sales Department for more information on our LPA-led training courses or click here to view our online options:

To talk directly to our Sales Department about your training needs, call 01202 770740.