Glaser Castle Window

Passive Laser Safety Window

Glaser Castle Window enables a person to see inside a laser enclosure while being protected from laser radiation and provides protection with minimum inconvenience.


Glaser Castle Window is a passive laser safety window that can be integrated to Lasermet’s Laser Castle or any appropriate sized laser safety enclosure.

These passive laser safety window protects people outside a laser enclosure from laser radiation or stray laser beams. Simultaneously, it allows a person to view inside a laser enclosure whilst being protected.

The size can be customisable depending on the customers needs.

Standard Sizes Available
A4 Size276 x 368mm
(210 x 297mm viewing area)
Full Size830 x 630mm
(770 x 570mm viewing area)
Wavelength (nm)EN 12254: 2010 + AC:2011
180 – 315D AB8 + IR AB3
>315 – 380D AB5 + IR AB6 + M AB6Y
915 -1180D AB5 + IR AB7
2720 – 2940D AB2
5000 – 11000D AB2 + I AB3