Whether compact or large signs, for indoor or outdoor use, single or dual message, these signs can be customised to suit your commercial, retail or industrial needs. Lasermet can provide contractor-friendly installations.

  • Laser Warning Labelling

    Laser Warning Labels to Current Laser Safety Standards

    All labels are printed on durable self-adhesive vinyl, with the correct colouring, wording, symbols and layout as defined in the European, International or US standards.

  • LED Mini Signs

    Small LED Laser Warning Signs

    These compact backlit LED signs are ideal for use in commercial, retail, or industrial premises. Custom messages are available to suit a variety of needs, also available in single message or dual message options.

    • Environmentally friendly, low power consumption, using only 3.6W each
    • Available in either one-way or two-way options
    • Expected lifetime of 50,000 hours, requiring no maintenance during their operational life
    • Automatic or manual switching options
  • LED Ultra Signs

    Large Area LED Signs

    Lasermet’s range of Ultra Signs are attractive, professional, illuminated wall-mounted signs for use indoors. Unlike pixelated matrix LED displays, the backlit LED design creates a seamless high quality display and look. 

    • High class, professional product for internal use
    • Low energy, low voltage 24VDC (48VDC option available)
    • LED lifespan up to 50,000 hours
    • Stackable using the interlocking plastic trim, or the specifically designed back mounting box for up to four signs
    • Low 24mm profile ideal for use at any height, virtually eliminates risk of obstruction or accident through collision
  • Slim Jim LED Sign

    The Thin Profile Backlit Laser Safety LED Sign

    The Slim Jim Signs from Lasermet make an ideal solution for warning signs. Slim Jim signs come in a compact sleek package and are easy to install, being compatible with standard conduit boxes.

    • High quality smart appearance
    • Only 11mm thick
    • 230V AC or 110V AC supply
    • Fits to conduit boxes
    • Contractor-friendly, cheaper and faster installation
  • Danger Laser Radiation Sign Lasermet

    Warning and Custom Illuminated Signs

    Low-profile low-energy signs

    Any of our ranges of signs can be customised to suit the message or messages required, making them perfect for a wide range of uses and situations. This, combined with the attractive, high quality build makes Lasermet illuminated signs an ideal choice for many business and office locations. 

  • Weatherproof IP66 LED Ultra Signs

    IP66 Weatherproof LED Signs for outdoor use

    Lasermet’s Ultra Signs now come in an IP66-rated weatherproof version for use in outdoor environments. Seamless graphics with the backlit LED design set this sign apart from pixelated matrix LED displays. 

    • Weatherproof sign for outdoor use (IP66)
    • Any message, graphics or language
    • Single or dual message
    • Low voltage 24VDC (48VDC optional)
    • DALI Interface option