ICS-TOUCH Controller

Interlock® Control System for Operating Theatres 


The ICS-TOUCH provides touchscreen monitoring and control for operating theatres and X-ray machines. 


  • Easy-to-use touchscreen technology
  • Interlocked Doors, Roller Blinds and Emergency Stops
  • Flush-fit to wall or door
  • Full dual channel safety to ISO 13849-1 Performance Level ‘e’ (PL ‘e’) 
  • Secure Access Keypad Lock


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Lasermet’s ICS-TOUCH Interlock® controller is a high specification Interlock® control system that is ideal for use with X-RAY sets. It forms an essential part of the engineering controls required for restricting exposure to ionising radiation.

The ICS-TOUCH Interlock® controller monitors all connected interlock inputs to confirm, or not, if the doors and contacts are closed before permitting the laser to be enabled.

Lasermet are world leaders in dedicated Interlock® system design, manufacture and installation.

Lasermet also design and manufacture a large number of accessories including door contacts, access keypads, fingerprint access units, illuminated LED warning signs, recorded audible warning systems (audible alerts) and more.

We provide design, supply and installation of turnkey laser solutions.


The ICS-TOUCH monitors the status of all interlocks, emergency stops, mismatch, and displays laser warning messages.

The state of up to four separate inter-lock inputs is shown by ‘door’ icons, which change colour according to the state.

The state of the emergency stop input is shown in the same way, using a ‘mush-room button’ icon.

The laser Interlock® controller has a proving circuit to check that the system is in a safe condition before attempting to arm.

All the safety circuits are dual-channel with mismatch detection. If their states differ there is a mismatch condition, indicating a fault – typically one contact of a door switch may not be closing.

Operation of the controller is restricted by a keypad code.