ICS-LLDC Light Lock Door Controller

ICS-LLDC is an Interlock System for Sequential Operation of Light lock Doors which incorporates a multitude of advanced features, including:

  • Proximity Sensors to detect the presence of individuals near the doors.
  • Security Alarms to notify any unauthorized attempts in the system.
  • DIN Rail Mounting.
  • LED Indicators provides real-time status of doors.


The ICS-LLDC is a specialized product designed to prevent the simultaneous opening of internal and external light lock doors. It addresses the critical need for enhanced safety and control in controlled environments by ensuring that both doors cannot be opened concurrently. This product not only adds an extra layer of security but also streamlines the operation of airlock systems, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and maintaining the integrity of controlled environments.

The versatile ICS-LLDC can interface with ICS Interlock Controller and be connected with up to two (Inner and Outer) Light Lock Doors. IS-MDC-12, ICS-KP-23 and a Push button is included in each Light Lock Doors.  Light Lock Doors will serve as the input and Magnetic Locks will serve as the output of the system.

General specifications that Light Lock Door Controller include to prevent the simultaneous opening of internal and external light lock doors:

Interlocking Mechanism:

Integrated interlocking system to ensure that the internal and external doors cannot be opened simultaneously.

Proximity Sensors:

Equipped with proximity sensors to detect the presence of individuals or objects near the doors.

Access Control Integration:

Compatible with access control systems to manage and restrict entry based on authorization.

Security Alarms:

Incorporation of security alarms or alerts to notify of any unauthorized attempts or irregularities.

Emergency Override:

Provision for emergency override mechanisms to ensure safety in case of emergencies.

Status Indicators:

LED indicators or displays to provide real-time status updates on the position of the doors.

DIN Rail Mounting:

Designed for DIN rail mounting, allowing for convenient installation in control panels or electrical cabinets.