ICS-RBX Wireless Roller Blind Controller

The ICS-RBX is an expansion card for the ICS-9 Interlock Controller designed to operate Lasermet’s Laser Blocking Roller Blinds wirelessly. This system incorporates a multitude of advanced features, including:

  • Integration with ICS-9 Interlock Controller and ICS-BUDDY 
  • Fits into ICS-9 with standard expansion card layout.
  • Built-in up/down switches, “stop” button, and “program” button.
  • Supports automatic and remote operation modes.


The ICS-RBX expansion card enhances the ICS-9 system with seamless control of Wireless Roller Blind motors. It fits into the ICS-9 and features built-in up/down switches, a “stop” button, and a “program” button, with an option for a flying lead switch for limit setting. The ICS-RBX supports automatic operation via the ICS-9 key-switch and remote control via an ICS-BUDDY tablet when paired with the ICS-BUDDY-NIC card. LED indicators show power supply and RF transmission status. Easy to install with safety warnings, the ICS-RBX is a reliable and flexible solution for roller blind control.

Key Features


  • Fits ICS-9 with standard expansion card layout.
  • Communicates directly with Wireless Roller Blind motors.

Control Mechanisms:

  • Integrated up/down switches, “stop” button, and “programme” button.
  • Provision for an up/down switch on a flying lead for easy limit setting.

Mode Switching:

  • Switch or link on the card for toggling between modes.
  • Supports Mode 1 operation even with the ICS-BUDDY-NIC card installed.

Modes of Operation

Mode 1 – Automatic Operation:

  • Blinds close when ICS-9 key-switch is “Armed”.
  • Blinds open when key-switch is “Disarmed”.
  • Blinds open if power is off and key-switch is “Armed”.
  • Blinds close if power is on and key-switch is “Armed”.

Mode 2 – Remote Operation with ICS-BUDDY:

  • When paired with an ICS-BUDDY-NIC card, remote control via ICS-BUDDY tablet.
  • Tablet provides intuitive controls for opening and closing blinds.

Visit Lasermet’s YouTube channel or click the video below for an in-depth look at the features, setup, and functionality of the ICS-RBX. The video demonstrates its capabilities and ease of use in real-world applications.