ICS Buddy – Portable Interlock Control System for LasersLaser Interlock® Systems - the ICS Buddy

ICS Buddy

– the Interlock® monitor and control tablet you can take anywhere

ICS Buddy using the Mirror view of lab Interlock® Controller

  • The ICS Buddy is Lasermet’s portable Interlock Monitor and Controller that can be used to remotely view and control the status of laser interlock controllers and laser shutters in a lab.
  • Provides portable control. Just walk around with the tablet from office to other locations.
  • Remotely view and control laser shutters – just use the local Wi-fi signal to stay in touch
  • See the status of the whole lab remotely in Lab View – ideal for numerous Interlocks, Shutters and LED Warning Signs

ICS Buddy is a secondary interlock controller that duplicates the main controller.

It is a tablet that connects using Wi-Fi and it mirrors the main interlock controller located at the lab in use.

Remotely view and control the interlock controller at the lab

The advantage is that it can be carried around enabling users to work elsewhere while still maintaining control over the experiment going on in the lab.

  • The status of the interlock switches/doors and the lasers and shutters connected can be monitored.
  • The shutters can be opened and closed and the laser can be armed/disarmed- all remotely from the ICS Buddy.
  • Laser users carrying out intricate operations or measurements in the lab will find the ability to open or close a shutter in another part of the lab or site, without having to stop and walk over to make a change, is very useful.

Lab layout and control view

ICS Buddy using the Lab View – showing laser shutters and
LED Warning sign status

This enables the ICS Buddy to monitor the whole lab status for each interlock switch, laser shutter and LED warning sign.

ICS Buddy™ with Safety Logic Plus™

Safety Logic Plus™ is Lasermet’s electrical logic gate system that sets up complex labs with a sequence of logical AND and OR gates to permit a laser to be armed safely.

Safety Logic Plus™ is a sophisticated but failsafe and virtually obsolescent-free, interlock management system that uses current technology to simplify the logic control required in multiple input buildings
where these may be changed frequently over time.

The beauty of this system is that it does not use PLC’s or any software and consequently has no operating system. It therefore virtually eliminates all of the problems associated with obsolescence over its lifetime of 30 years plus.

Safety Logic Plus is ideal for complex systems containing numerous switches and interlocks, providing easily traceable logic connections.

Safety Logic Plus™ view
– instantly showing the status of the logic gates

To be able to see the status of all gates on the tablet at a glance from anywhere is a tremendous advantage to the user regarding laser safety.

ICS Buddy demonstration

These photos show the ICS Buddy screen, first of all when a laser shutter is closed and then when opened.
(The Lasermet LS-20 Laser Shutter is shown in the photo).


“Laser shutter closed” and then “laser shutter open”

Connected by Wi-Fi, ICS Buddy picks up the status of each logic module and displays it on the tablet.
Any open switches/doors can instantly be verified on screen.
Once all of the switches/doors are closed the laser can be armed by the ICS Buddy and its status confirmed.
The portable unit is ideal when users are checking the safety status around the lab or around the local site.