CaLM Control and Laser Monitoring System

Monitor and Control Laser Safety status of numerous labs from one point 

View all wavelengths in use on one screen

The CaLM System features a large monitor that can view and control all aspects of the Laser Interlock System including:

  • Status of all Interlock Switches
  • Status of all E-Stops
  • Status of ICS-9 Interlock Controller
  • Status of all shutters and DBS
  • Wavelengths of accessible lasers


The CaLM System can monitor and control an entire interlocked laboratory on a large screen. This gives users the convenience and safety to work in laser controlled areas. The CaLM consists of a control box and a large screen monitor which are connected to the laboratory’s Interlock System.

Since each laboratory set up is unique, each CaLM system is unique. Laboratory layouts are custom programmed to replicate the customer’s unique layout and equipment. Below is a sample of a simple laboratory layout.

Colour coding on the messages is Green when the Interlock controlled is not armed, Amber when armed and all interlocks closed, Red when any shutter is open. Open shutters indicate that the laser beam is accessible.

The below layout shows four optical tables, each with two laser beam shutters. The windows and doors are all interlocked. All statuses are displayed on the screen.

Roller Blinds and Doors can open
All E-STOPS are closed
All Shutters and Distribution Boxes are closed
All Roller Blinds and Doors are closed
Shutters and Distribution Boxes can open
Laser wavelengths in use indicated

All features of the screen display can be customised to suit your needs, and all laser safety information can be displayed on the large screen monitor.

Check out this short video to understand what the CaLM System is capable of.

Laser Monitoring System at University of Oxford
Simplified CaLM Display at University of Oxford Denys Wilkinson Building

For a simplified view, the CaLM display can be set to show only the most relevant of information.

The following example is for a large laser laboratory installation with multiple lasers operated independent of each other. In a typical set up, it would be confusing to keep track of the status of each laser in each lab and determining which laser is active at any given time. The complex logic of the laser system is greatly simplified via the display screen and colour coding indicates which labs are safe and which areas are not to be entered.

Also, required relevant information about the laser is shown – i.e. wavelength, power and mode of operation.

CaLM for ICS-Buddy

The CaLM System goes hand in hand with the ICS-Buddy – Lasermet’s portable Laser Safety Interlock® Controller. The CaLM functions as the large screen display monitor and the ICS-Buddy is the remote Interlock controller. The ICS-Buddy can control laser beam shutters from anywhere – no need to go to the physical laser shutter mounted on the laser to press a button.

The ICS-Buddy replicates Lasermet’s ICS Interlock® Controller on a tablet to take with you on the go. In addition, the ICS-Buddy has the Logic View feature which shows an interactive visual map of the logic diagram for complicated systems.

The CaLM System for ICS-Buddy, Lasermet's laser safety controller
ICS-Buddy has the Logic View
Logic View

CaLM for Laser Jailer

CaLM for Laser Jailer

The CaLM System can also be adapted to display the Laser Jailer Active Guarding system. Instead of monitoring a laser laboratory, CaLM for Laser Jailer displays the location of active guarding tiles in an Active Laser Enclosure.

This makes fault-finding and troubleshooting simple for large systems.