Core of Knowledge Laser Safety Training Course for Theatre Nurses, ODPs and Surgeons – approved by the British Medical Laser Association


  • Laser Radiation Characteristics
  • Radiation generation
  • Laser-tissue Interaction
  • Eye and skin and exposure
  • Precautions to keep exposure below maximum permitted levels
  • Reflection and Absorption hazards
  • Hazards to Patient
  • Laser Safety Management
  • Risk assessment Incidental hazards
  • Relevant standards and legislation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Equipment management
  • Other light sources

This course, approved by the BMLA, is based on the recommendations contained in the September 2015 MHRA Device Bulletin “Lasers, intense light source systems and LEDs – guidance for safe use in medical, surgical, dental and aesthetic practices”.

The course will cover the ‘Core of Knowledge syllabus’ defined in Appendix C of the Guidance, and will include the topics outlined above.

All ‘in-house’ training courses will be tailored to the particular needs of the staff concerned. The course lecturer will contact the organiser prior to the course to ascertain what types of laser are used and which procedures are carried out by those attending the course. Please have this information available as this will enable us to provide training that is most relevant to the participants.

At the end of the course participants should be familiar with the hazards of Laser use within a hospital environment and how these hazards are controlled, and will therefore be able to participate fully in operations using lasers. They will also be able to read and understand more clearly the Local Rules provided by the Laser Protection Adviser.

NB: This is a laser safety training course and does not address treatment protocols or Clinical Training.

Lasermet Medical Laser Safety Training is normally led by:

Dr Anna Bass,
LPA to cosmetic aesthetic and dental users of laser and IPL systems
CQC, HIW and RQIA adviser

Dr Anna Bass has been with the Lasermet team since 2007 covering the South and South East regions as the Certificated Laser Protection Adviser (LPA). She has a PhD from the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, an MSc from the University of Akron, Ohio and a BSc from the University of Portsmouth (UK). Her Post-Graduate Certificate of Education enables her to skilfully present Lasermet’s Core of Knowledge training courses, taking over the role from Professor Parsons. She is also a member of the British Medical Laser Association and holds an RPA-2000 Certificate of Competence to act as a Medical LPA.