Laser Castle LiteLaser Castle Lite - low cost, self assembly, laser safety cabin for small laser operations

Laser Castle Lite – the low cost laser safety cabin – flat-packed for customer self-assembly

The laser cabin is a modular laser enclosure that enables easy build by the customer. It keeps workers safe by preventing the escape of laser radiation when in operation. It comes complete with a manually operated door, safety interlock switches, dual-message LED warning sign, Emergency Stop break glass, internal Emergency stop button and entry door maglock – all linked to the ICS-Solo Interlock® Controller.

The Laser Castle Lite is built from the same laser blocking material as the current Laser Castle and to enable low cost ventilation, the cabin has an open roof void and can be rapidly deployed on site straight out of the box.

ICS Solo Laser Safety Interlock Controller

ICS-SOLO Interlock® controller

The Interlock® Controller is dual channel and conforms to the same standards and directives as the ICS-6.


The Laser Castle Lite cabins are ideal for housing small laser welding operations, including laser robots, that need to be contained as they use Class 4 lasers.


The standard cabin is available as:-

  • 3m wide x 3m long x 2.4m high wall. This is the Standard unit plus additional panels and roof.


This a top, rear view of the Standard version.

PEL ratings

The PEL ratings for the passive cabin are listed below.

Irradiated Area
PEL (T3) 10 s
PEL (T2) 100 s
4 mm²
62 MW/m² 35 MW/m²
2000 mm²
3.1 MW/m² 1.7 MW/m²

Passive ALF Laser Welding Helmet