Lucas Table Top Enclosure

Optical Table Top Enclosure

The Lucas Laser Castle® is a fully enclosed Optical Table Top Enclosure for laser safety that fits onto rails located on an Optical Table.

  • Class 1 Enclosure for Class 4 Lasers
  • Certified to EN 60825-1 and ANSI Z136.1
  • CE and UKCA marked


The Lucas Laser Castle® is the Lasermet solution to optical table laser guarding. The Lucas Table Top Enclosure easily fits onto standard optical tables.

  • Flat pack for easy do-it-yourself assembly and installation
  • Magnetic end panels for easy access and removal
  • The enclosure sits on rails that are attached to the optical table so that either of the inner or outer units can be slid back and forth for access
  • Fully compliant with the laser safety standards BS EN IEC 60825-1 making it a Class 1 Product for Class 4 Lasers
  • Fitted with a dual channel Interlock® Control system complete with LED warning sign
Lucas Table Top Enclosure product demo

The Lucas enclosure is mounted on rails either side of the optical table using the table mount holes located on the extreme edges.  This means that that minimum table space is used.

Inside the enclosure, two cable inlet ports designed to house laser cables and any other services required by the user.

For specific requirements contact Lasermet with the dimensions of the table.

Lucas Table Top Laser Safety Enclosure
Lucas Table Top Enclosure
Inside the Lucas Table Top Laser Safety Enclosure
Inside the Enclosure
Typical optical table
Typical optical table

For longer and larger optical tables, the Lucas Table Top Enclosure can be doubled up to create a modular enclosure.

Diagram of the Double Lucas Table Top Enclosure by Lasermet
Diagram of the Double Lucas Table Top Enclosure
Internal Height600 mm
Standard Sizes1.2 x 2 m
1.2 x 4 m
Custom sizes available upon request.

The following ratings are for Lucas enclosure:

Irradiated AreaPEL (T2) 100 S
4 mm²37 MW/m²
2000 mm²200 kW/m²