Access Keypad with Override


Lasermet’s ICS-KP23 Access Keypad with dual channel override allows users to override an associated door or global override all doors in a laser controlled area.

  • Global override – override all door switches
  • Local override – override only the adjacent door 


The ICS-KP23 Keypad is intended to be used in conjunction with Lasermet’s laser interlock systems for the purpose of inhibiting access to hazardous areas by unauthorised persons. Normally this means persons without the necessary training and personal protective equipment for the area concerned.

The override timer function is of a dual-channel crosschecked configuration and is designed to achieve a safety performance level of PL ‘e’ to EN 13849 when correctly wired to a suitable interlock system.

Operating Voltage24VDC
Dimensions160 x 108 x 38.5 mm