Eyewear for Cosmetic Laser & IPL

Laser Protective Eyewear

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Systems commonly used for cosmetic applications such as hair removal and skin resurfacing present a hazard to the eyes of both operators and patients alike.  We offer a range of options offering protection with minimum obstruction to the procedures.

  • CE marked
  • conforms with the European PPE Directive under standard EN 207


Eyewear for patients of laser & Intense Pulsed Light procedures is designed to protect the eyes of the patient whilst giving maximum access to the patients face. This is especially important for facial cosmetic procedures.


The higher the Shade number the greater the protection and the lower the visibility. We recommend Shade 3 for the clinician / operator, and Shade 5 eyewear for the patient. However, for treatments carried out on or near the face other patient eyewear should be used. Several frame styles are available from Lasermet.

Eyeball Protectors

The Eyeball Protector eyewear is suitable for all types of lasers and will block out all light.

This patient eyeball protector is suitable for all wavelengths and does not contain any metal parts. It provides the very high protection levels required against laser radiation, particularly in the UV, Visible, Near Infra-red and Infra-red wavelengths. It is ideal when using facial laser treatment and enables good access to the forehead, the nose and the temporal area. It is convenient and comfortable to wear during procedures as the adjustable strap ensures a secure and pressure-free fit.

Constructed from aluminium, these laser eye protectors are connected by an adjustable curved aluminium rod, allowing a high level of access to the face. Suitable for all types of laser.

Ordering OptionsEN 207 Markings
LV-EBP180 – 315 D L10, R L5
315 – 1400 D L6, IR L8
1400 – 10600 DR L4, I L5


The Eyecaps are made of stainless steel and are designed to fit underneath the eyelid, allowing full treatment of the face, while the IPL Aid are single treatment disposable eye protectors. Both are suitable for all types of IPL systems (not laser since they are not tested to EN 207). Transparent patient eyewear will protect the patient from specific lasers whilst also allowing the patient to be able to see.

Eyecaps are available in a variety of sizes as shown below. Since they are not tested to EN 207 there are suited to IPL applications rather than laser.

SizeOrdering Options
(Pair of eyecaps with suction cup)
Very small (22 mm)LV-EC-VS
Small (24 mm)LV-EC-S
Medium (25.5 mm)LV-EC-M
Large (26.5 mm)LV-EC-L