Research & Development

Lasermet products offer flexible and customizable laser safety solutions to suit any optical laboratory or research environment from optical table guards to fully interlocked laboratory rooms. Lasermet’s expert solutions ensure protection against the dangers of lasers.

  • Orcatina Laser Safety Curtains

    Laser-rated Room Dividing System

    Orcatina Laser Safety Curtains are Lasermet’s answer to providing laser protection for personnel by using a compact and neat curtain system that uses a pantograph structure in the folding mechanism.

  • Protective Housing Label


    Protective Housing Labels are required on all panels or connections which when removed, opened or displaced will give access to radiation in excess of Class 1. The class of this label is determined by the class of the laser radiation accessible once the panel is opened (e.g., a panel on a Class 1 laser product, which when removed gives access to Class 3B laser radiation will require a Protective Housing Class 3B label).

  • Safety Logic Plus

    The simple way to build a complex Safety Interlock® System that uses no laser safety software

    The Safety Logic Plus uses simple logic to achieve a fully-safe and custom Interlock system for laser safety.

    • Virtually eliminates obsolescence
    • Easy to install, maintain, and understand
    • Logic changes can be implemented quickly
    • Cost effective
    • Fault finding made easy
    • Dual-channel cross checked system
  • Slatted Window Blinds

    Laser Blocking and X-ray proof Hospital Windows

    Lasermet’s laser blocking slatted window blinds are ideal for use in operating theatres and are effective in blocking all medical lasers. There is also an option for X-ray proof vision panels.

    • Tested to IEC 60825-4 Safety of Laser Products, Part 4: Laser Guards
    • Standard or flush-fit versions available
  • Slim Jim LED Sign

    The Thin Profile Backlit Laser Safety LED Sign

    The Slim Jim Signs from Lasermet make an ideal solution for warning signs. Slim Jim signs come in a compact sleek package and are easy to install, being compatible with standard conduit boxes.

    • High quality smart appearance
    • Only 11mm thick
    • 230V AC or 110V AC supply
    • Fits to conduit boxes
    • Contractor-friendly, cheaper and faster installation
  • Lasermet Water-Cooled Beam Dump

    Water-Cooled Beam Dump


    Lasermet’s water-cooled beam dump uses a closed loop water supply system for absorbing laser beam energy.

  • Lasermet Wavelength Indicator for Eyewear

    Wavelength Indicator for Eyewear

    LED-WIFE Laser Wavelength Warning Sign

    The WIFE is an automatic LED sign that shows which laser wavelengths are in use in the laboratory, so you can select the correct laser protective eyewear before entering.

  • Weatherproof IP66 LED Ultra Signs

    IP66 Weatherproof LED Signs for outdoor use

    Lasermet’s Ultra Signs now come in an IP66-rated weatherproof version for use in outdoor environments. Seamless graphics with the backlit LED design set this sign apart from pixelated matrix LED displays. 

    • Weatherproof sign for outdoor use (IP66)
    • Any message, graphics or language
    • Single or dual message
    • Low voltage 24VDC (48VDC optional)
    • DALI Interface option
  • Dolphin Laser Safety Curtains

    Wolf Laser Blocking Curtains

    Cost effective Laser Safety Curtains for Low and Medium-powered Lasers

    Lasermet’s Wolf Laser Blocking Curtains are CE marked and certified to BS EN IEC 60825-4 – Safety of Laser Products, Part 4: Laser Guards. The cost effective Wolf Curtains are ideal for use with Class 3B lasers.

    • Made to measure
    • CE and UKCA marked
    • Ideal for research & scientific applications
    • Blackout laser blocking curtain