Monitored LED Ultra Signs

Monitored Signs for highly safety critical applications

Lasermet’s range of Ultra Signs are attractive, professional, illuminated wall-mounted signs for use indoors. These kits will enable Ultra Signs to operate more reliably and effectively.

  • Can be modified for use with Two-way or Three-way signs.
  • Can be interfaced with any Interlock Controller.
  • Lamp Failure Monitoring


Lasermet Dual Fault Finding (DFF) and Lamp Fail Detect (LFD) kits are designed for use with the LED Ultra Signs in highly safety-critical environments, such as those with ionising radiation and X-rays. These kits incorporate advanced features to enhance safety and reliability, ensuring the effective monitoring of signs in critical applications. Key components and functionalities include:

Communication Resilience

Integrating communication interfaces with any Interlock Controllers ensuring reliable data transfer and communication within the system to ensure safety before and during laser use.

Dual Fault Finding

Implementing a dual fault-finding system that enhances fault tolerance by incorporating redundancy and diverse fault detection mechanisms. This ensures a robust and reliable operation even in challenging conditions.

Lamp Fail Detect

Integrating a lamp fail detection system that continuously monitors the status of the LED Ultra Signs. This feature provides timely alerts and ensures the immediate identification of any lamp failures, contributing to the overall safety of the monitored signs.

Remote Monitoring Capabilities

Including remote monitoring features that enable real-time observation of the LED Ultra Signs status. This facilitates proactive maintenance and troubleshooting without direct exposure to radiation, enhancing safety for personnel.

Fail-Safe Design Approach

Designing the kits with a fail-safe approach to ensure that in the event of a failure, the system defaults to a secure state. Emergency shutdown procedures and backup systems are incorporated to maintain critical function.

Extended Temperature Range Operation

Ensuring that the kits can operate within an extended temperature range to accommodate variations caused by ionising radiation. Components rated for a broader temperature spectrum contribute to sustained reliability.

Long-Term Reliability

Considering the long-term reliability of components and materials, factoring in potential degradation due to prolonged exposure to ionising radiation. Planning for periodic maintenance and component replacements as necessary.

Lasermet Dual Fault Finding (DFF) and Lamp Fail Detect (LFD) kits aim to provide a comprehensive solution for the reliable and safe operation of the Sign Ultra system in highly demanding and safety-critical applications.