Protective Housing Label


Protective Housing Labels are required on all panels or connections which when removed, opened or displaced will give access to radiation in excess of Class 1. The class of this label is determined by the class of the laser radiation accessible once the panel is opened (e.g., a panel on a Class 1 laser product, which when removed gives access to Class 3B laser radiation will require a Protective Housing Class 3B label).


A protective housing label, often referred to as a “protective enclosure label” or “safety housing label,” is a warning label or marking that is affixed to or near protective enclosures or housings surrounding equipment or machinery. These labels provide essential information regarding the protective housing and safety precautions associated with it. Here is a description of the typical elements found on a protective housing label:

Safety Warning: Protective housing labels prominently display a safety warning or caution symbol to alert individuals to potential hazards associated with the equipment or machinery enclosed within the protective housing.

Color: The label is typically color-coded to signify potential danger. The color is yellow with black text.

Housing Description: The label may describe the purpose and characteristics of the protective housing, including information about the materials used, its design, and its intended protective function.

Access Instructions: To ensure safe operation and maintenance, the label may provide instructions on how to access or open the protective enclosure properly. This is particularly important when individuals need to perform maintenance, repairs, or adjustments on the enclosed equipment.

Protective housing labels are essential for promoting safe practices when working with equipment or machinery enclosed within protective enclosures. These labels serve as a visual reminder of safety protocols and provide critical information regarding the housing’s operation and purpose. By following the guidance provided on these labels, individuals can help maintain their safety and the safety of others while working with enclosed equipment, particularly in industrial, manufacturing, and construction settings.

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PHC2-50X25, PHC2-01-100X50, PHC2-01-32X16, PHC2-01-50X25, PHC3A-50X25, PHIC3A-32X16, PHC3B-100X50, PHC3B-32X16, PHC3B-50X25, PHIC3B-100X50, PHIC3B-32X16, PHVIC3B-32X16, PHVIC3B-50X25, PHC3B-01-100X50, PHC3B-01-32X16, PHC3B-01-50X25, PHIC3B-01-100X50, PHIC3B-01-32X16, PHIC3B-01-50X25, PHVIC3B-01-100X50, PHVIC3B-01-150X75, PHVIC3B-01-32X16, PHVIC3B-01-50X25, PHC3R1-100X50, PHC3R1-32X16, PHC3R1-50X25, PHC3R2-32X16, PHC3R2-50X25, PHC4-100X50, PHC4-32X16, PHC4-50X25, PHVIC4-100X50, PHVIC4-32X16, PHVIC4-50X25, PHC4-01-100X50, PHC4-01-150X75, PHC4-01-200X100, PHC4-01-32X16, PHC4-01-50X25, PHIC4-01-50X25, PHIC4-01-100X50, PHIC4-01-200X100, PHIC4-01-32X16, PHIC4-50X25, PHVIC4-01-100X50, PHVIC4-01-150X75, PHVIC4-01-200X100, PHVIC4-01-32X16, PHVIC4-01-50X25