MAAS Multiple Audio Alert System

Record and playback up to 16 unique messages

The MAAS Multiple Audio Alert system is a local PA system for automatic announcements, warnings, information, or instructions suitable for indoor use. It can be easily integrated into Lasermet’s Interlock® control systems.

  • Fully custom messages, repetition, and volume
  • Line-out to external audio equipment, speakers
  • Safe at 24VDC low voltage
  • Professional, compact, wall-mounted design


The MAAS is an improvement on Lasermet’s popular AA-04 Audio Alert system. It is a local public address system that audibly delivers a pre-programmed message when triggered. Where the AA-04 only features a single message, the MAAS can record and playback up to 16 different customisable messages.

Each message can be up to 15 seconds long and can be set to automatically repeat as frequently or infrequently as required for up to an hour.

The provision of an audible message enables the loudspeaker feature to be incorporated into hospitals, offices, engineering establishments, doctor’s or dentist’s waiting rooms or other interior environments. The audible warnings or messages can complement any visual warning signs.


The Audio Alert is safe using just 24VDC power and can be integrated to an Interlock® Controller or Interlock® Control System to provide an audible warning in addition to any visual warning signs being used.

Lasermet Audio Alerts are ready for full integration with other Lasermet interlock equipment. We can provide a fully safe turnkey solution to suit any need.

Additional information

Power Supply



160w x 108h x 39d mm