Laser Controlled Area Label


A laser-controlled area label is a safety sign or label used to identify areas where lasers or laser systems are in use, and access is restricted or controlled due to safety concerns. These labels are designed to inform individuals that they are entering a space where laser radiation is present, and special precautions or safety measures may be required.


Label Header: The label includes a header or title that indicates the nature of the controlled area. It says “Laser Controlled Area” to make it clear that lasers are in use.

Color: The label is typically color-coded to signify potential danger. The color is yellow with black text.

Text: The label may include additional text to provide more information about the controlled area, safety precautions, and any specific requirements for entry. In our case the written text is “Laser Controlled Area”

Additional Information: Depending on the specific laser system and safety protocols in place, there may be additional information on the label, such as the laser’s class, wavelength, and any emergency procedures depending on client’s specific request.

The primary purpose of a laser-controlled area label is to clearly communicate the presence of lasers and the need for safety precautions in a specific area. It helps prevent unauthorized personnel from entering potentially hazardous laser environments and reminds authorized individuals to take appropriate safety measures.

These labels are an important part of laser safety programs in research laboratories, industrial facilities, medical settings, and other places where lasers are used. Compliance with safety regulations and standards is crucial when using lasers, and laser-controlled area labels are a valuable tool for meeting these requirements and protecting individuals from laser-related hazards.

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LCA-100X50, LCA-200X100, NIRPS-103