Passive ALF Interlocked Laser Welding Helmet

Interlocked Laser Safety Helmet for Hand-held Laser Welding 

Designed specifically to protect welders from stray laser radiation, the interlocked helmet design requires the helmet to be properly worn with the visor closed before firing the laser.

  • Protection from laser radiation
  • Passive laser filter protection
  • Integrate with Laser Safety Interlock® Systems


Passive ALF is the name attributed to the latest safety helmet designed specifically for hand-held laser welding applications.

The Passive ALF is able to be used in a fully safe Laser Interlock® System. The helmet must be worn in the proper position in order to arm the laser. This design encourages users to always be mindful of protection well before any welding takes place.

User safety is paramount and using the Passive ALF Interlocked Helmet will reduce the amount of laser energy transmitted to a safe level in the event that there is either a direct hit or a high level of reflection from the laser welding process.

Lasermet Welding Helmet Passive ALF

The Passive ALF Laser Safety Welding Helmet – Ideal for Hand-held Laser Welding Applications


The Passive ALF Interlocked Laser Welding Helmet has been tested and carries the CE and UKCA mark. The Passive ALF meets the requirements of Annex II of the PPE Regulations 2016/425 as well as the following standards:

  • EN 166: 2001
  • EN 169: 2002
  • EN 175: 1997
  • EN 207: 2017
Laser Welding Shell915 – 1180 nmD LB6 + IR LB7
Laser Filter915 – 1180 nmD LB6 + IR LB7

Watch this brief video to learn more about the features and abilities of Passive ALF Interlocked welding helmet.

Interlock® Control

To provide control of the system, you will need an Interlock® Controller – this will depend on the configuration desired.

The three main configuration options are below:

Passive ALF with Lights

The passive ALF can be accessorised with lights to have a brighter working station. The lights are factory fitted and is rechargeable using a type-C cord supplied by Lasermet.

The lights have two lighting sources, a wide light for an even spread of the lights within the users view and focus lights to illuminate a specific part of the working material. Aside from the two lighting source, the light can be set up to 5 different light modes depending on how many times the power button is pressed:

1Wide light, max brightness
2Wide light, medium brightness
3Focus light, max brightness
4Focus light, medium brightness
Long press (for 3 secs)Wide light, flashing

Note that the lights are not available as an individual order and is factory fitted with the helmet.

Integration into Laser Enclosures

In addition to integration with Laser Interlock® Systems, the Passive ALF can be fitted to a laser enclosure such as the Laser Castle Lite or the Dolphin Laser Safety Pod.

For best practice, hand-held laser welding set-ups should include a laser welding enclosure, an Interlock® Controller, and the Passive ALF Helmet.

Laser Castle Lite

The Laser Castle Lite is a modular interlocked laser enclosure that can be self-assembled by the user. The enclosure keeps workers safe by preventing the escape of laser radiation when in operation.
It comes complete with a manually operated door, safety interlock switches, dual-message LED warning sign, emergency stop break glass, internal emergency stop button, and entry door maglock – all linked to an Interlock® Controller.
The Laser Castle Lite is built from the same laser blocking material as the Laser Castle. For low-cost ventilation, the cabin has an open roof and can be rapidly deployed on site. It is supplied as a low-cost cabin in flat-pack form to enable easy transport and assembly by the customer.

Dolphin Laser Safety Curtain Pod

The Dolphin Laser Safety Pod is a curtain enclosure that enables users of handheld laser welding devices to work without endangering surrounding workers from laser radiation.
Lasermet’s Dolphin Laser Safety Curtain pods are made from the company’s latest specially developed Dolphin laser-blocking material. The pod is an 8ft (2.4m) cube and the material is black on both sides.

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100 x 83 mm