ICS-7-OEM Interlock ControllerAn OEM version of ICS Interlock®

Lasermet’s established and proven ICS Interlock® control system is available as an OEM version which is specifically designed for integrators to use as part of the laser control system.

The required functionality of the ICS-7-OEM is the same as the conventional ICS-6 but here the wiring is carried out on the front of the panel.

The ICS-7-OEM attaches to a 35mm ‘top-hat’ style DIN rail inside a control cabinet.

It should be mounted in a convenient position for wiring while – at the same time – it should be inaccessible by operators. It has indicator lights on its top surface which would normally only need to be observed by installation and maintenance personnel.

During installation, wired connections will need to be made from the ICS-7-OEM to all the interlocked doors, warning signs, laser interlocks, shutters, PLC and other equipment as required by the system.

The ICS-7-OEM has a fully dual channel cross-checked architecture and when correctly wired can realise a system compliant with EN ISO 13849-1 up to performance level ‘e’.

Seven safety Interlock® outputs each rated at 4A resistive, 50VDC, are provided to enable the laser, operate door locks, provide signals to a PLC etc.

Further details are provided in the ICS-7-OEM brochure