Laser Classification Label


Laser classes are a standardized system used to classify lasers based on their potential hazards to human eyes and skin. The classification system helps ensure safety when working with lasers by specifying safety measures and appropriate protective equipment for each class.


  • Class 1

This class is eye-safe under all operating conditions.

  • Class 1M

This class is safe for viewing directly with the naked eye but may be hazardous to view with the aid of optical instruments. In general, the use of magnifying glasses increases the hazard from a widely diverging beam (e.g., LEDs and bare laser diodes), and binoculars or telescopes increase the hazard from a wide, collimated beam (such as those used in open-beam telecommunications systems). Radiation in classes 1 and 1M can be visible, invisible or both.

  • Class 2

These are visible lasers. This class is safe for accidental viewing under all operating conditions. However, it may not be safe for a person who deliberately stares into the laser beam for longer than 0.25 s, by overcoming their natural aversion response to the very bright light.

  • Class 2M

These are visible lasers. This class is safe for accidental viewing with the naked eye, as long as the natural aversion response is not overcome as with Class 2, but may be hazardous (even for accidental viewing) when viewed with the aid of optical instruments, as with class 1M. Radiation in classes 2 and 2M is visible, but can also contain an invisible element, subject to certain conditions.

Classes 1M and 2M broadly replace the old class 3A under IEC and EN classification. Prior to the 2001 amendment there were also lasers which were Class 3B but were eye-safe when viewed without optical instruments. These lasers are Class 1M or 2M under the current Classification system.

  • Class 3R

Radiation in this class is considered low risk, but potentially hazardous. The class limit for 3R is 5x the applicable class limit for Class 1 (for invisible radiation) or class 2 (for visible radiation). Hence CW visible lasers emitting between 1 and 5 mW are normally Class 3R. Visible class 3R is similar to class IIIA in the US regulations.

  • Class 3A

This fall under the laser safety classification system and are considered moderately hazardous to the eye. It’s essential to use Class 3A lasers responsibly and avoid directing the laser beam towards people’s eyes or reflective surfaces. While they are considered moderately hazardous, the potential for harm still exists, especially when used improperly or inappropriately.

Note: Class 3A is similar to class 3R in international regulations.

  • Class 3B

Radiation in this class is very likely to be dangerous. For a continuous wave laser the maximum output into the eye must not exceed 500mW. The radiation can be a hazard to the eye or skin. However, viewing of the diffuse reflection is safe.

  • Class 4

This is the highest class of laser radiation. Radiation in this class is very dangerous, and viewing of the diffuse reflection may be dangerous. Class 4 laser beams are capable of setting fire to materials onto which they are projected.

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C1-100X50, C1-150X75, C1-200X100, C1-32X16, C1-50X25, VIC1-100X50, VIC1-150X75, VIC1-200X100, VIC1-32X16, VIC1-50X25, C1M-100X50, C1M-150X75, C1M-200X100, C1M-32X16, C1M-50X25, IC1M-100X50, IC1M-200X100, IC1M-32X16, IC1M-50X25, C2-100X50, C2-150X75, C2-200X100, C2-32X16, C2-50X25, VIC2-100X50, VIC2-150X75, VIC2-32X16, VIC2-50X25, VIC2M-32X16, C2M-100X50, C2M-150X75, C2M-200X100, C2M-32X16, C2M-50X25, C3A-100X50, C3A-150X75, C3A-200X100, C3A-32X16, C3A-50X25, IC3A-100X50, IC3A-150X75, IC3A-200X100, IC3A-32X16, IC3A-50X25, VIC3A-100X50, VIC3A-150X75, VIC3A-200X100, VIC3A-32X16, VIC3A-50X25, C3B-100X50, C3B-150X75, C3B-200X100, C3B-32X16, C3B-50X25, IC3B-100X50, IC3B-150X75, IC3B-200X100, IC3B-32X16, IC3B-50X25, VIC3B-100X50, VIC3B-150X75, VIC3B-200X100, VIC3B-32X16, VIC3B-50X25, C3R1-100X50, C3R1-150X75, C3R1-200X100, C3R1-32X16, C3R1-50X25, IC3R2-32X16, C4-100X50, C4-150X75, C4-200X100, C4-32X16, C4-50X25, IC4-100X50, IC4-150X75, IC4-200X100, IC4-32X16, IC4-50X25, VIC4-100X50, VIC4-150X75, VIC4-200X100, VIC4-32X16, VIC4-50X25