Interlocked Housing Label


Interlocked Housing Labels are required on all interlocked panels which when opened will give access to radiation in excess of Class 1 when the Interlock is overridden. The label should be fixed in close proximity to the opening and must be visible prior to and during Interlock override. The class of this label is determined by the class of the laser radiation accessed once the panel is opened and the Interlock overridden (e.g., an interlocked panel on a Class 1 laser product, which when opened and the Interlock overridden gives access to Class 4 laser radiation will require an Interlocked Housing Class 4 label).


An interlocked housing label is a warning or safety label attached to equipment, machinery, or enclosures that have interlocking mechanisms designed to enhance safety. These labels provide information and instructions related to the interlocking features and are crucial for guiding users or operators on safe equipment usage. Here is a description of the typical elements you might find on an interlocked housing label:

Safety Warning: Interlocked housing labels often feature a prominent safety warning or caution symbol to alert individuals to potential hazards associated with the equipment.

Interlock Description: The label will describe the specific interlocking mechanisms or safety features present in the equipment. This description may include details on how the interlock functions, what conditions must be met for it to engage or disengage, and what actions are necessary for safe operation.

Operating Instructions: To ensure safe operation, the label may provide step-by-step instructions on how to engage or disengage the interlock properly. This is especially important to prevent accidents caused by bypassing safety features.

Consequences of Bypassing Interlocks: To discourage users from bypassing or tampering with interlocks, the label may include warnings about the potential consequences, such as injuries, equipment damage, or legal violations.

Interlocked housing labels are essential for promoting the safe use of machinery and equipment in various settings, including industrial, manufacturing, and construction environments. Interlocking mechanisms help prevent accidents by ensuring that specific safety conditions are met before equipment can be operated or accessed. These labels serve as a visual reminder of safety protocols and provide guidance to users on the proper use of interlocks, ultimately helping protect the safety of equipment operators and other individuals in the vicinity.

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