Laser Safety Products

  • LED Mini Signs

    Small LED Laser Warning Signs

    These compact backlit LED signs are ideal for use in commercial, retail, or industrial premises. Custom messages are available to suit a variety of needs, also available in single message or dual message options.

    • Environmentally friendly, low power consumption, using only 3.6W each
    • Available in either one-way or two-way options
    • Expected lifetime of 50,000 hours, requiring no maintenance during their operational life
    • Automatic or manual switching options
  • LED Ultra Signs

    Large Area LED Signs

    Lasermet’s range of Ultra Signs are attractive, professional, illuminated wall-mounted signs for use indoors. Unlike pixelated matrix LED displays, the backlit LED design creates a seamless high quality display and look. 

    • High class, professional product for internal use
    • Low energy, low voltage 24VDC (48VDC option available)
    • LED lifespan up to 50,000 hours
    • Stackable using the interlocking plastic trim, or the specifically designed back mounting box for up to four signs
    • Low 24mm profile ideal for use at any height, virtually eliminates risk of obstruction or accident through collision
  • LS-10 Beam Shutters

    LS-10 Series

    Laser Safety Beam Shutters & Beam Dumps


    The LS- range of laser beam shutters are combined shutters and beam dumps designed to be driven by a safety control system such as the Lasermet’s Interlock® controller for use as a means of shutting down the laser beam automatically during unauthorised access, or manually when the beam is not required.


    They can also be used as stand-alone laser shutters for manual or remote switching of the laser beam. 

    • Gravity-operated for fail safe control
    • Combined shutter and laser beam dump for added safety
    • Compatible with interlocked safety control systems
    • Safety latch prevents accidental laser beam switch on
    • Remote switching option
    • Available as OEM product


  • LS-20 High-Integrity Laser Shutters

    LS-20 High-Integrity Laser Shutters

    High Integrity Laser Safety Beam Shutter

    The Lasermet LS-20 Laser Safety Shutter is intended to provide a means of preventing accidental exposure to a potentially harmful laser beam.

  • Lasermet LS-200 Laser Shutter

    LS-200 Laser Shutter

    LS-200 Laser Shutter – The “Thunder Shutter”

    • Gravity close blade
    • Range of blade options
    • Three control options
    • Optional beam dumps: Air cooledor water cooled
    • Safety rated options:
      • LS-200 (Standard) EN ISO 13849-1 PL ‘c’
      • LS-200 SIL-24 EN ISO 13849-1 PL ‘e’ IEC 61508-1 SIL 3
  • Lasermet LS-30 Laser Safety Shutter

    LS-30 Series Laser Shutters

    High Integrity Laser Safety Beam Shutter

    The Lasermet LS-30 Series of Laser Safety Beam Shutters are intended to provide a means of preventing accidental exposure to potentially harmful laser beams.

  • LS-RS30 Remote Switching for Laser Beams


    Remote Switching for Beam Shutters

    The LS-RS30 allows Lasermet beam shutters to be remotely operated and controlled. It can accommodate up to two beam shutter connections. 

  • Lucas Table Top Enclosure for Laser Safety

    Lucas Table Top Enclosure

    Optical Table Top Enclosure

    The Lucas Laser Castle® is a fully enclosed Optical Table Top Enclosure for laser safety that fits onto rails located on an Optical Table.

    • Class 1 Enclosure for Class 4 Lasers
    • Certified to EN 60825-1 and ANSI Z136.1
    • CE and UKCA marked
  • Lasermet Optoblok Optical Table Laser Guarding


    Optical Table Laser Guarding

    Optoblok, the Optical Table Laser Guarding System, is designed specifically to reduce the risk of stray laser beams being inadvertently directed at personnel in the laser optics laboratory.

    Lasermet and NPL have produced this joint venture product as the latest safety equipment for use in optical laboratories.

    • Modular design
    • Compatible with standard optical tables
    • Comes with Optoblok Designer software
    • Simple to install and understand
  • Lasermet Orca Laser Safety Curtains

    Orca Laser Blocking Curtains

    Certified Laser Blocking Curtains to BS EN IEC 60825-4

    Lasermet’s Orca Laser Blocking Curtains are CE marked and certified to BS EN IEC 60825-4 – Safety of Laser Products, Part 4: Laser Guards. The heavy duty Orca Curtains are made of high specification laser blocking material with a sleek finish.

    • Made to measure
    • CE and UKCA marked
    • Ideal for medical applications
    • Blackout laser blocking curtain
  • Lasermet Product Placeholder for laser safety. Image coming soon

    Orcatina Laser Safety Curtains

    Laser-rated Room Dividing System

    Orcatina Laser Safety Curtains are Lasermet’s answer to providing laser protection for personnel by using a compact and neat curtain system that uses a pantograph structure in the folding mechanism.

  • Passive ALF Interlocked Laser Welding Helmet

    Interlocked Laser Safety Helmet for Hand-held Laser Welding 

    Designed specifically to protect welders from stray laser radiation, the interlocked helmet design requires the helmet to be properly worn with the visor closed before firing the laser.

    • Protection from laser radiation
    • Passive laser filter protection
    • Integrate with Laser Safety Interlock® Systems
  • Lasermet Polycarbonate Laser Protective Eyewear

    Polycarbonate Laser Protective Eyewear

    The LM Range of Polycarbonate Laser Protective Eyewear
  • Safety Logic Plus

    The simple way to build a complex Safety Interlock® System that uses no laser safety software

    The Safety Logic Plus uses simple logic to achieve a fully-safe and custom Interlock system for laser safety.

    • Virtually eliminates obsolescence
    • Easy to install, maintain, and understand
    • Logic changes can be implemented quickly
    • Cost effective
    • Fault finding made easy
    • Dual-channel cross checked system
  • Slatted Window Blinds

    Laser Blocking and X-ray proof Hospital Windows

    Lasermet’s laser blocking slatted window blinds are ideal for use in operating theatres and are effective in blocking all medical lasers. There is also an option for X-ray proof vision panels.

    • Tested to IEC 60825-4 Safety of Laser Products, Part 4: Laser Guards
    • Standard or flush-fit versions available
  • Slim Jim LED Sign

    The Thin Profile Backlit Laser Safety LED Sign

    The Slim Jim Signs from Lasermet make an ideal solution for warning signs. Slim Jim signs come in a compact sleek package and are easy to install, being compatible with standard conduit boxes.

    • High quality smart appearance
    • Only 11mm thick
    • 230V AC or 110V AC supply
    • Fits to conduit boxes
    • Contractor-friendly, cheaper and faster installation