Lasermet has experts who provide for the specialist needs of laser safety in the medical field. They have the expertise and experience to provide laser safety training courses for theatre staff.

Lasermet are leaders in the field of laser safety and have been installing laser Interlock® control systems and certified laser blocking roller blinds in hospitals all over the world since 1987.

Medical Laser Safety Products

Medical-based laser safety services

In Hospitals in the UK, operating theatres and other departments using lasers are required to have Laser Protection Supervisors (LPS) and Laser Protection Advisers (LPA). The LPS should be someone within the local staff who is responsible for the application of the local rules on a day to day basis, but who does not necessarily have an in depth knowledge of the subject.

Therefore the LPS must have an LPA (a person knowledgeable in laser safety) to whom they can refer for technical advice. The Laser Protection Advisor will normally be from outside the department where the lasers are used. The LPA will write the local rules, specify eyewear and other safety equipment, be available for specialist advice and occasionally visit the department to review the laser safety.

Lasermet Medical Laser Protection Advisers hold either the RPA 2000 Certificate of Competence to act as a Laser Protection Adviser (LPA) or have been awarded accreditation as Laser Protection Adviser via the Association of Laser Safety Professionals (ALSP) and offer expert advice based on years of experience.

Laser Safety Training

Practitioners and theatre staff using lasers are required to have received basic training in the safety of lasers. All persons using Class 1M, Class 2M, Class 3R, Class 3B and Class 4 lasers should receive laser safety training. For Class 1M, 2M and 3R lasers this training may be quite concise. In addition all organisations using Class 3B, Class 4 or Invisible Class 3R lasers must have a Laser Safety Officer who should have received appropriate training. Lasermet provide this training.

Core of Knowledge Training

This course is intended for operators and other staff in Clinics using Lasers & Intense Pulsed Light systems for hair removal, skin toning, dentistry, tattoo removal and other similar procedures. It is designed to provide both a grounding in the basics of the safe use of lasers & IPL systems, and to satisfy the training requirements of the September 2015 MHRA Device Bulletin “Lasers, intense light source systems and LEDs – guidance for safe use in medical, surgical, dental and aesthetic practices”.