Lasermet will be joining Department of Energy Laser Safety Officer Workshop

Lasermet Inc. is excited to invite you to the Department of Energy’s 2024 LSO Workshop in Austin, Texas, from April 30 to May 2 at the Commons Conference Center. This comprehensive workshop is essential for anyone involved in laser safety or interested in laser applications across various sectors. Whether you’re looking to refresh your knowledge or stay updated on the latest developments, this event promises valuable insights.

We are deeply committed to ensuring the safe use of laser technology across various industries. Lasermet can provide comprehensive solutions to clients worldwide, covering everything from design and manufacture to installation and training.

Lasermet’s extensive experience and expertise in laser safety, spanning various industries and applications globally. Covering such a wide range of applications, from virtual reality LED systems to high-power cutting lasers and demonstrates a deep understanding of the diverse uses of laser technology. We are devoted and value the importance of prioritizing safety in every facet of laser technology.

In an era where laser technology is becoming increasingly prevalent across various industries, ensuring safety and compliance with the latest standards is paramount. Our focus is on staying up-to-date with these standards and maintaining the highest levels of safety in laser operations.

Join us for lectures, sessions with invited speakers, and contributed presentations covering a range of topics related to laser safety and applications. We look forward to seeing you there!

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