Lasermet holds Open House Event in Dusseldorf, Germany

World experts in the provision of laser safety solutions, Lasermet Europe GmbH, will open their showroom in Dusseldorf, Germany on February 19th, with an open house event through to the 22nd.

Aiming to provide standards-certified laser safety products expert services to the European market when it comes to laser safety, visitors during the open house event can have an actual view of advanced caliber products that have been designed and manufactured by the company.

The featured products at the showroom will be the Laser Castle Lite and Dolphin Pod laser safety cells, ALF laser welding helmet, ICS-9 laser interlock controller with associated accessories, Laser Blocking Curtains (Orca, Dolphin, and Wolf) and Laser Roller Blinds, Ultra 470 and mini LED signage, and the Lucas Tabletop Enclosure.

Lasermet are known worldwide as providers of high quality laser safety equipment for all types of laser systems with a proven track record going back over 37 years.

Founded by Prof. Bryan Tozer, Lasermet are leaders in laser safety with a deep history of involvement in the devlopement of the European and international laser safety regulations such as IEC EN 60825-1 and associated standards. They are certified Laser Protection Advisers (LPAs) and laser safety engineers who have helped in setting the landscape of an industry that’s conducive to safety.

Lasermet serve all industries where lasers are used, most particularly, the industrial / manufacturing, R&D / scientific, and medical industries.

Lasermet’s showroom will be accessible until February 22.

Contact us for details of how to attend.

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