ICS Solo – low-cost Laser Interlock® ControllerIdeal for handheld laser welding enclosures

The ICS Solo is a low-cost, dual-channel laser safety interlock controller ideal for handheld laser welding enclosures.

ICS Solo Laser Safety Interlock Controller

It is a single input, single output laser safety controller typically used in small laser safety enclosures with a single door and controlling a single laser.

The ICS Solo is a dual channel device which means that there are two input switches that must both be closed for the laser to be enabled. This is achieved using Laserme’s dual channel door interlock switch (IS-MDC-12).

ICS Solo has a simple, easy-to-use control panel which can be wired directly to the dual channel switch on the interlocked door and to the Laser, the Keyswitch, Emergency stops and LED Warning Sign.



ICS Solo and related safety equipment inside the Laser Castle Lite cabin
Laser Castle Lite – Laser safety cabin low cost self assembly

Using the interlock

To enable the laser, the following procedure should apply:-

Enter the enclosure and then close the enclosure door. This will close the contacts on the dual channel door switch. (The laser will be disabled whenever the door is open).

The interlock controller panel should have the Safety OK Status LEDs illuminated.

Turn the Keyswitch to Enable and press the Arm Laser Button. This is to arm the laser.

The System Armed LED will illuminate. The laser is ready to use.



Key Details

ICS Solo can be configured as a locking or non-locking Interlock® system featuring:

  • Automatic fault detection and shutdown
  • LED indication for the Status of the following:
    • Interlock® Switch
    • Expansion
    • Emergency Stop
    • Safety Circuits OK
    • Safety Circuit Fault (Mismatch Fault)
    • Laser System Armed
  • Dual-redundant fail-safe circuitry
  • Ultra low profile control panel