Sneak Peek into Lasermet’s all-in-one Laser Safety Software

Introducing Lasermet’s RealTime LSS

Simplifying laser safety calculations

Ensure laser safety compliance with Lasermet’s RealTime LSS – an all-in-one online laser safety software that allows you to easily compute the Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE), Accessible Emission Limits (AEL), laser class, and more according to IEC 60825 standards.

Lasermet’s new all-in-one laser safety calculator launching in beta.

RealTime LSS is the new laser safety software from Lasermet. Currently in beta, this is a powerful tool for anyone working with lasers providing invaluable assistance in meeting safety standards.

Lasermet’s RealTime LSS: Laser safety made easy with all-in-one laser calculation software

This all-in-one laser safety software offers convenient tools for inputting parameters and obtaining precise safety information. With RealTime LSS, you can effortlessly calculate:

  • the Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE),
  • Accessible Emission Limits (AEL),
  • Laser class according to IEC 60825,
  • Safe eye limit and safe skin limit,
  • Nominal Optical Hazard Distance (NOHD),
  • Extended Nominal Optical Hazard Distance (ENOHD), and
  • Laser safety eyewear ratings

RealTime LSS: laser safety calculations simplified

Key features of RealTime LSS include a lookup table and fibre optic calculator, making it useful for various types of laser products. Whether you’re a manufacturer, researcher, or safety professional working with lasers, our software can help you comply with safety regulations and minimize the risk of harmful exposure.

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