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Testing of LED Products to EN 60825-1 / IEC 60825-1

(See also: Laser & LED Product Testing & Optical Safety Testing)

LED Ice Cube tested
by Lasermet
LED 'Ice Cube' tested by Lasermet

UV LED curing pen tested by Lasermet
UV LED curing pen tested by Lasermet

UKAS Accredited LED Testing

All products sold in Europe which contain LEDs must be tested and certified* to EN 60825-1, which is the same as IEC 60825-1, as part of the process of CE marking.  We specialise in undertaking such LED testing work on all products containing LEDs, such as LED toys, LED lighting products, remote control equipment, LED communication systems, measuring instruments, indicator LEDs and all other products containing LEDs.

Lasermet are the only test house with UKAS accreditation for laser & LED testing (other than the National Physical Laboratories).


LED safety testing includes:
Power output measurement
Apparent source size measurement
Wavelength measurement
Pulsing characteristics measurement
Calculation of Accessible Emission Limits (AELs)
Single fault failure condition assessment
LED classification

For every LED product tested we issue a full LED Test Report consisting of:

A statement of the LED Class awarded
Details of all measurement conditions
Details of all measurement results (power output, apparent source size, wavelength(s), pulsing characteristics)
Details of AEL calculations
Exact labelling requirement
Exact user instruction requirements
Any engineering controls required (usually none)

In addition to the above, as leading experts in the field, we can offer advice on the implications of the Class awarded and how a lower classification may be achieved, where required.

Our LED testing service combines a high quality of testing with a fast turnaround and expert advice, when required, all at a very reasonable cost.  Please contact our sales department with details of your LED products, for a quotation.

* Except for products which are inherently Class 1 (i.e. cannot exceed Class 1 under any circumstances).  However in such cases manufacturers need evidence that the product is indeed inherently Class 1.

For an explanation of the LED classes please refer to the following articles:

Table of Laser Classes
An Overview of the Laser & LED Classification System