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Laser Castle at the Munich Show

01/07/2015 - The Laser Castle featured the Handy Laser Welder at the Laser Photonics Show in Munich and demonstrated the features of the Active Laser Guarding System - Laser Jailer and the Active Windows - Glaser Jailer for the ultimate in laser safety

Why is Lasermet’s Laser Castle so successful?

Lasermet presented the latest version of their modular Laser Castle at the 2015 Laser Photonics Show in Munich and were flooded with enquiries and visitors for the duration. The Laser Castle on show featured the Handy Laser Welder system demonstrating the leap forward in Lasermet’s active guarding technology. Specifically designed as the certified, laser safety solution for OEM integrators, the Laser Castle is the optimum enclosure which includes the OEM version of ICS-6 interlock control system.

The Laser Castle is a modular, Class 1 laser safety cabin for Class 4 lasers, certified to international laser safety standards. It is available in a range of standard modular sizes to suit customer requirements and can be installed on site in 2 days – including all electrics, interlock control, lighting, CCTV and more. The passive Laser Castle can, optionally, be upgraded to the patented Active Laser Guarding system called Laser Jailer, which is ideally suited to multi-kW lasers which are used for laser welding, laser cutting and laser cladding.

To upgrade the Laser Castle cabin from a passive to an active system requires the complete inside of the cabin to be lined with LaserCamoflex tiles. These are sheets of detector circuits which are electrically connected to the interlock control system. The active system works in the following way.

The interlock controller monitors the active LaserCamoflex tiles and as soon as any inadvertent laser beam strikes the inside of the cabin the interlock controller disables the laser safety input in less than 50ms, thereby rendering it safe. The tiles are easily mounted onto the walls and can simply be replaced in a few minutes if they are struck by a laser beam.

Alongside the active laser safety system for the walls and ceiling is the option to have active laser safety windows – called Glaser Jailer. This is also patented – as it works using the same type of detection system and enables users to view the action inside the cabin. Again, if the window is struck by a multi-kW laser the interlock controller disables the laser safety input to the laser within 50ms.

The Handy Laser Welder system includes the laser, active laser safety faceguard and active clothing, and the active cabin, automatic doors, fume extraction, LED warning signs and the Performance Level ‘e’ (PL ‘e’) interlock control system.

Being modular, the cabin itself can easily be relocated and rebuilt – or even increased in size with the addition of more modular panels. Laser Castle is the ultimate, certified, failsafe, modular, rapid-build laser safety enclosure.

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