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Audio Alert Now Available

30/08/2013 - The Audio Alert system is a local public address system that audibly delivers a pre-programmed message when triggered. The message is heard from a speaker integrated into the compact unit, which is triggered – either by switching the unit on (by applying 24VDC), or by movement being detected by a passive infrared detector built into the unit.

Lasermet has just launched yet another British design – the automatic audio alert system suitable for use in indoor environments. The low voltage 24VDC annunciator unit has an integral speaker and can be used either as part of an interlock control system or for virtually any other relevant application indoors.
The audible warning device is contained in a professionally styled, attractive Lasermet wall mounted unit, and can act as a local public address PA system where it can do the job of an announcer of audible warning messages, providing an acoustic warning to complement visual warning signs.
The provision of a talking message enables the loudspeaker feature to be incorporated into hospitals, offices, engineering establishments, doctors or dentists waiting rooms or other internal environments where audible information is required. This speaking message can be up to 40 seconds long and can be set to automatically repeat as frequently or infrequently as required up to an hour.
Institutions or businesses can use the automatic audio alert system as a sound generator to deliver an audible message. There is no need for a loudhailer or megaphone to audibly warn local personnel of dangers in the vicinity. Used as an audible information system – or local audio system – to enable messages, adverts or audio messages to be delivered when required, this mini announcer, or automatic annunciator, is triggered either by power up (24VDC) or by movement picked up by the integrated passive infrared detector, PIR. Pre-programmed at Lasermet – with virtually any message – and volume adjusted during installation on site - this speaking device has an almost limitless application indoors. This sound emitting mini loudspeaker does virtually everything an interlockable automatic audible alert system should do.

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