In July 2020, UKAS awarded Lasermet accreditation for testing non-laser light sources to BS EN 62471 at its test facility in Bournemouth. (This is in addition to the UKAS accreditation for testing lasers). Safety testing of non-laser light sources such as LEDs can now be carried out with UKAS accreditation to BS EN 62471.

The accreditation award is the result of an extremely rigorous process of examination and evaluation over a period of several years. Consequently, Lasermet is the only testing laboratory to achieve UKAS accreditation for LED AND laser testing.

Accreditation by UKAS endorses Lasermet’s capability to provide a high level of expertise, traceability and professionalism. Lasermet’s knowledge, experience and dedication to these high standards puts the company at the forefront of specialist safety testing worldwide.  Customers can be assured that testing is carried out correctly and professionally to the appropriate standards.

Paul Tozer, Managing Director of Lasermet said “UKAS accredited testing to BS EN 62471 is a very important achievement for Lasermet and meets with our intended plans to cover photobiological safety of lamps, LEDs and other non-laser light sources. This gives us the authority to certify that non-laser light source products tested by us are safe to use in the public domain. It complements our range of laser safety services which includes laser protection adviser work; laser safety training that can be carried out remotely over the internet; consultancy, audits and risk assessments; calibration of laser power meters and FDA registration reporting- enabling laser systems to enter the USA. So whatever non-laser light source product you have, that falls under the remit of BS EN 62471, we can test it with the backing of our UKAS accreditation.”

UKAS accredited test house for LED testing
As Test Lab 2682, Lasermet is proud to be the UKAS accredited Test House for Non-Laser Light Sources

Lasermet’s portfolio of UKAS accredited standards under ISO/IEC 17025:2005 are shown below

Only for optical testing to:

BS EN 60825-1         Laser Testing – on or off-site

BS EN 60825-12       Free Space Optics

BS EN 60601-2-22    Medical Electrical Equipment

BS EN 62471            Non-laser light sources