Laser safety specialists Lasermet report that the 2005 / 2006 financial year saw a 65% increase in sales over the 04 / 05 figures, taking total sales to £0.86 m.

Sales were up in all areas of business with testing of LED products and protective eyewear doing particularly well, but sales of laser interlock systems and laser blocking curtains also increased with a number of large installation projects taking place during the year.

For the most part these sales figures were achieved with a full-time equivalent staff of 7. However, towards the end of the financial year this figure was increased to 10 to ease the workload on individual staff members and enable the company to push forward to achieve a target of £1m for the current financial year. With the extra staff and some internal restructuring the sales force is being increased from 1 to 2.5 with the long term aim to achieve a turnover of £1.5 m within 3 years.

Newly appointed Managing Director Paul Tozer said, “This is an exciting time for Lasermet. We have invested heavily in developing and expanding our existing range of products and services. After 3 years hard work we are about to receive UKAS accreditation for our testing of laser & LED products. In addition, we have launched a new LPA service aimed at health & beauty clinics using lasers and IPL systems, which is proving extremely popular. Demand is so strong that we are immediately having to look at further recruitment to keep pace with the work. We are about to launch a laser power meter, which we have spent 18 months developing, and we have lined up a US distributor for the Lasermet manufactured products.”

The company places a lot of importance on its’ website and has developed a site with nearly 100 pages of information about its’ products and related information and advice. Hits on the Lasermet website increased from around 300 per month in 2004 to over 4000 per month during 2005. May 2006 sees the launch of a completely redesigned and updated website which is designed to reflect a more modern image as well as displaying information on the expanded range of products and services.