This year’s awards were presented by the General Manager, Steve Geldard, and they represent recognition of the effort and success achieved by the distributors over the last 12 months.
Lasermet has been designing and manufacturing laser safety systems and equipment for the last 30 years and the effort being put in by the overseas distributors contributes significantly to the success of the company. Consequently, when the distributors get together at conferences, they like to exchange ideas and discuss different markets and opportunities. This is an ideal opportunity to increase global team-building which is topped by the distributor awards. This year’s winners are:-
Andrea Arcaini of Laser Optronic in Italy won the award for Top Salesman for laser safety cabins.
Melody Castleberry and Wendy Sheppard, both of RT Technologies in the USA won the award for the Best Performing Distributor.

Liverpool was chosen as the venue being within striking distance of Lasermet’s “Laser Safety Cabin Manufacturing Facility” and “R & D Centre” based in Haydock. Naturally a tour of the manufacturing operations took place for the distributors. This enabled them to see the latest manufacturing processes, the different options available for customers (especially the range of cabin doors types and sIzes) and the latest developments in laser safety technology. The proliferation of high powered lasers has led to the increasing need for active laser guarding systems, active filter windows, an increasing amount of laser safety training and the requirement for containment of multi-kW laser radiation. Paul Tozer, Managing Director of Lasermet said, “This is a great opportunity for the distributors to meet and be involved with the discussions on how laser safety is becoming an ever more important factor worldwide”.