After 2 years of intensive development Lasermet is launching a revolutionary Laser Power Meter and range of detector heads. The ADM-1000 is a digital hand held meter and oscilloscope which will automatically detect any detector head plugged into it and immediately apply the correct settings. Special design techniques result in an unprecedented 400 kHz frequency response for the meter & diode head combination, enabling capture of pulsing characteristics and measurement of peak power, average power, pulse width and pulse repetition rate all from a single hand held device. Lasermet have applied for a patent on the electronics used in their range of thermal detector heads, which gives an unprecedented 0.1 s rise time, for the first time allowing users to experience an accurate, instantaneous reading from a detector with a flat wavelength response.

The digital meter will give readings of average power, peak power and energy per pulse and is also designed as a hand held oscilloscope with graphical display features. In the latter mode, user operable cursors allow accurate measurement of time and power, which are automatically calculated and displayed as the cursors are moved. A USB interface to a PC allows easy meter and head software upgrade and download of data to standard software packages. All this is available at a highly competitive price.