LPA and EMP support for clinics in EnglandNow that cosmetic laser and IPL treatments are no longer regulated by the CQC you will need to ensure that your clients still have trust in the treatments you undertake.

Gain and maintain that trust by ensuring that…

  • A Risk Assessment has been carried out for Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and laser treatment
  • Local Rules have been written by a certified Laser Protection Adviser (LPA)
  • Medical advice is available from a verified Expert Medical Practitioner (EMP)

All clinics providing IPL and laser treatment for the removal of hair, rejuvenation of skin, thread vein treatment and removal of tattoos are advised to have LPA and EMP support.

Did you know…

Some clinics operating lasers and IPL equipment have not received any assistance from certified advisers to assess if they are working in an environment which is deemed to be safe with equipment and eyewear that is manufactured to the appropriate standards.


Many clinics are not aware that there are clients on certain medications who may, or may not, have conditions, which mean that they cannot be treated with an IPL or laser.

Ensure you have the back-up of LPA and EMP support to enhance the standard of your clients’ safety, which will in turn, improve the reputation of your business.

The LPA’s job includes the following:-

  • To provide independent advice on the safe use of lasers.
  • To check that your laser or IPL system can continue to be used safely.
  • To keep you informed of changes in laser safety legislation.

The EMP’s job includes the following:-

  • To provide independent advice on whether or not a client is suitable for treatment.
  • To provide medical protocols for each treatment undertaken.
  • To give advice on the action to take in the event of a burn.
  • To give an independent assessment if there is an adverse incident or accident.

This enables you to demonstrate to your clients that:-

  • You have signed up for continuous technical support and advice from a reputable company and expert – the Laser Protection Advisor (LPA) – and this can be verified.
  • You have paid for the services of a GDC Registered Expert Medical Practitioner (EMP) who provides up-to-the-minute medical advice.
  • With LPA and EMP support, the risk of acquiring a medical or clinical problem related to lasers or IPLs is reduced.