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Laser safety training courses now on line!

All of our laser safety training classes are now available to be delivered live on line by our in-house consultants. We are using Microsoft Teams and can also use Zoom and other methods to replicate, as far as possible, the interactive classroom environment. 

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UKAS accreditation to BS EN 62471 to test LEDS

In July 2020, UKAS awarded Lasermet accreditation for testing non-laser light sources to BS EN 62471 at its test centre in Bournemouth. (This is in addition to the UKAS accreditation for testing lasers). Safety testing of non-laser light sources such as LEDs can now be carried out with UKAS accreditation to BS EN 62471. 

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Lasermet Inc are showing the latest fast acting auto doors on Booth 236302 as well as the latest Laser Castle laser safety cabin.

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