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Illuminated Laser Warning Signs

(see also laser safety labels and laser interlocks)


Reduce interruptions and downtime in your laser facility with accurate indication of laser status

All Class 3B and Class 4 lasers require interlocking to comply with standard laser safety practice. However, while this fulfils the safety requirements it can be inconvenient and even costly to have your laser shut down when an access door is opened. Such interruptions can be avoided either by using a locking Interlock® system (see interlocks), or by providing accurate information regarding your laser status by the use of illuminated signs, or both.

Specific laser warning signs are:-

Low voltage LED "Ultra" Laser Warning Signs

Low voltage LED Ultra Laser Warning Signs

Low Voltage "Mini" LED Signs

Low Voltage Mini LED Signs

Mains Powered Fluorescent Signs

Mains Powered Fluorescent Signs