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Lasermet One-day Laser Safety Training

A comprehensive, tailored laser safety training for industrial laser users or manufacturers.

Lasermet’s one-day course is ideal for potential or recently-appointed Laser Safety Officers, or for anyone who would like to understand in depth how and why lasers are dangerous, and what to do about it.

The course runs from four to six hours. It covers six major topics which are delivered to all audiences, and then two to four additional topics depending on the specific interests and perspective of the attendees.

The main topics are:

  • How lasers work
  • Basic laser hazard awareness
  • Laser classes and control measures
  • Laser eyewear
  • Duties of the Laser Safety Officer
  • Legal Requirements for a company under the Control of Artificial Optical Radiation at Work Regulations 2010 and IEC 60825-14: The User guide.

Additional topics include Risk Assessment, Switches and Interlocks, Laser Safety Calculations, Achieving a Chosen Laser Class, international regulations and the US and more.

At the end of the course is a multiple choice exam and a chance for discussion about specific laser needs.

All course attendees receive an extensive folder of information and a certificate stating that they are trained as a Laser Safety Officer.