LPA and EMP Support for IPL & Laser Clinics in EnglandLaser Protection Advisor (LPA) and Expert Medical Practitioner (EMP) Support

Gain and maintain your clients’ trust

Make sure you stand out from the bottom end of the market by acting responsibly and acting now.

Can you tell your clients that:

  • IPL and Laser Treatment IS Risk Assessed
  • By a Certified Laser Protection Advisor
  • Medication IS Verified
  • By an Expert Medical Practitioner

We recommend that all clinics offering IPL and laser treatments for Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Thread Vein Treatment and Tattoo Removal obtain LPA and EMP support.

Since deregulation, most clinics using lasers and IPLs have not sought help from certificated advisors to assess whether the treatments they carry out are done so in a safe and controlled environment.

Furthermore, many clinics are unaware that clients on certain medications with certain clinical conditions cannot be treated using an IPL or Laser.

Ensure your business stands out as a centre of excellence by putting the safety of your patients in the capable hands of our skilled and competent LPA and EMP support team.

The function of the LPA is fourfold:-

  1. To act as an external source of expert advice on laser safety matters.
  2. To ensure that your laser or IPL continues to be used in a safe manner.
  3. To help you ensure that you continue to maintain compliance with laser safety legislation
  4. To help you satisfy your clients that the clinical environment in which you work is safe

The function of the EMP is fourfold:-

  1. To act as an external source of reference advising on client suitability for treatment.
  2. To provide you with Medical Protocols for the treatments you undertake
  3. To provide advice on what to do in the event of a burn.
  4. To provide you with an independent assessment in the event of an accident or adverse incident

You can then show your clients…

  • You have technical advice and support for the safe use of your equipment from a reputable source (the LPA) that can be checked.
  • You have up-to-the minute medical advice from a GDC registered Doctor – the EMP
  • That with LPA and medical back-up their risk of treatment-related problems are reduced

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