LPA for Hospitals in the UKPrivate & NHS Hospitals, NHS Trusts, Operating Theatres & other Medical Establishments using lasers

In Hospitals in the UK operating theatres and other departments using lasers are required to have Laser Protection Supervisors (LPS) and Laser Protection Advisers (LPA).

The LPS should be someone within the local staff who is responsible for the application of the local rules on a day to day basis, but who does not necessarily have an in depth knowledge of the subject. Therefore the LPS must have an LPA (a person knowledgeable in laser safety) to whom they can refer for technical advice. The Laser Protection Advisor will normally be from outside the department where the lasers are used. The LPA will write the local rules, specify eyewear and other safety equipment, be available for specialist advice and occasionally visit the department to review the laser safety.

Lasermet Medical Laser Protection Advisers are certificated by the Association of Laser Safety Professionals and offer expert advice based on years of experience. We will work in conjunction with your LPS to ensure that staff and patients are protected and that the Care Quality Commission is satisfied with your safety practice.

Laser Safety Training

Practitioners and theatre staff using lasers are required to have received basic training in the safety of lasers. Details of medical laser safety training.

Laser Safety Equipment

We also offer a complete range of Laser Safety equipment for your hospitals. This includes a wide range of laser safety glasses, laser blocking curtains and roller blinds for windows, laser fume extraction, special Interlock® systems for operating theatres and signage. Please see our Home Page or the links on the left for further information.

To appoint your Laser Protection Adviser please contact our Sales Department. They will send you a letter of appointment for you to fill out and return.