LPA for Industry and Research EstablishmentsResearch Departments, Research Establishments, Production Lines, Laser Job Shops and all other businesses using lasers

If you are using lasers in your organisation you are required to have a Laser Safety Officer (LSO). The LSO is responsible for the day to day implementation of laser safety in the workplace but may not be highly knowledgeable in the subject. This is particularly the case in small and medium sized businesses where it is simply not practical for an employee to spend a lot of time studying laser safety. However, the LSO will need to know which safety eyewear to use, what laser safety equipment is required and how to work safety with lasers.

This situation is best resolved by appointing a Laser Protection Adviser (LPA) to act as a source of expert information and technical advice. The LPA will advise the LSO on appropriate eyewear, engineering controls, administrative controls and training, and will be available to answer questions on laser safety, as and when required. An annual site visit will also take place to check on the application of laser safety on the site and to advise on any changes which may be required.

All Lasermet Laser Protection Advisers are certificated by the Association of Laser Safety Professionals and are able to offer expert advice based on many years of experience (see consultants). We will work with your LSO to ensure that:

  1. Your company / organisation employs the best possible laser safety practice
  2. The Health & Safety Executive are satisfied that you are using lasers safely
  3. The application of laser safety is smooth and hassle free for staff in your business

To appoint your Laser Protection Adviser please contact our Sales Department. They will send you a letter of appointment for you to fill out and return.