Yoyo laser safety guillotine doorHigh speed Industrial Guillotine Door for laser safety applications with optional Active Laser Guarding

  • The Yoyo guillotine door is a laser safety door capable of withstanding direct hits from laser beams from Class 4 lasers.  The door is made from Lasermet’s Laser Castle laser blocking material.This makes it ideal for manufacturing environments where laser processing applications are used, as well as for indoor industrial applications that have frequent high-speed traffic.
  • The Yoyo Door Can be supplied with the “Laser Jailer” Active Laser Guarding system if required for very high powered lasers.
  • The door can be interlocked through Lasermet’s laser interlock controller so that an enclosed laser will only be enabled when the door is closed.
Yoyo guillotine laser safety door;

Here is a video on the Yoyo door in action at the Fabtech exhibition in 2021



Actuation can be provided by compressed air or electric motors as required by the customer.

Dimensions can be adjusted to suit customer requirements.

Contact Lasermet for further details and options.

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